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Racer Donnans.

We are Fredrik (40 years old) and Ingela (42 years old) Schultz. Ingela is working at Pilgrimstad school as an Fritidspedagog (I have a degree of bachelor of education in child and youth education, Not easy to explain how I am working :-). Im also studying to become a music teacher. We have two kids, Alexandra 9 years old and Filippa 7 years old.

Our interests are our Cornish Rex cats and we are breeding in the name of Racer Donnans. During the winter we go skiing in Are/Duved mountains, me and the girls like to sing and play music, and we also like to hang out with our friends.

Kittens born 22:th of January 2010.
Mother of six is Kvasikattens Pegeen CRXb, and father is Racer DonnansHeman CRXns24.
The first kitten out was Racer Donnans Jazzige Topaz CRXb a malekitten (still looking for home).
The second was Racer Donnans Juvel Amy Diamond CRXn24 female (still looking for home)
Third, Racer Donnans Jasper CRXb33 (he has found his new family)
Forth is Racer Donnans Juvel Emerald Ametrine CRXc (shes got some interest)
Fifth is Racer Donnans Juvel Citrine CRXb2133 (shes going to stay). 
And the last one out was Racer Donnans ? Safir CRXa (shes got some interest). 
Send me an email for pictures and more information about the litter.

Adina as a kitten.

Me and our first three cats, Donna, Elvis and Adina.

Kittens born 18/5-07.
 IC S* Racer Donnans Evita and IC Goldens Aro Aro.

Pictures of them!


Racer Donnans Gorgeous Anastacia 



Fredrik and Ingela Schultz

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